Co-Packing: Single-serve Containers

King Bottling bottles and packages single serve spring water on behalf of certain customers using customized label and packaging. These customers typically provide all necessary packaging materials, and labels to King Bottling, and King Bottling converts these materials to finished product.

King Botling operates unique, flexible bottling equipment permitting both commodity and high end customer specific products. This flexibility includes:

  • Cold Fill
  • Flexible sanitary controls permitting selective micro-filtration, ozonation and UV light exposure to both source water and finished product
  • Ability to fill unique and custom bottle designs and volumes.
  • Sophisticated labeling equipment including:
    • Two-sided indelible labeling for pressure-sensitive labels for asymmetrical labels
    • Full wrap hot melt applied paper or polypropylene
    • Full wrap cold melt (pressure sensitive) labels for unique applications
    • Ability to run traditional PET as well as compostable Polymerized Lactic Acid (PLA), PET and other environmentally-friendly bottles
  • Final packaging flexibility in:
    • Tray
    • Clear shrink wrap
    • Multi-pack arrangements from 6 pack to 24 count cases.
    • Both multi-pack and case overwrap shrink wrap capabilities

Additionally, our sanitary equipment layout permits selective use of micron filtration, UV light and ozone based on this equipment’s impact upon the customer’s profile.

King Bottling also has the ability to use liquid nitrogen (LN2) in our bottling operations.

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